Fly Little Bird – New album – out now!

A sneak peak inside the album

Photo by Terje Fjellvang
Cover design by Stig Clason



As a boy I used to dream big,
and for me making music
is still as big as it gets

Songs can be like magic
sometimes – moving us and
bringing people together

It is my sincere hope that this
collection of songs can
inspire you in a positive way


My name is Emil Andreassen and I am a songwriter from the city of Fredrikstad in the south of Norway. Music has always been my thing and I feel very fortunate to be able to spend my life searching for beautiful music.

I used to play the saxophone but I changed it out for a guitar and the piano along the way. Partly because it’s quite a challenge playing saxophone and singing at the same time… :-)
I love strange chords and tuning my gitar in new ways, keeping thing fresh. Still I must admit I often tend to make music with is quite basic. I try to arrange the music in such a way that it enhances the melody and gives the lyrics the opportunity to reach out to those who want to listen.
Remember that a better world is just a moments thought away and through the power of music we can all contribute to that change.




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